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Telecommunications Law and Regulation





Booth, Freret & Imlay, LLC is a telecommunications law firm. Our practice is limited to Federal Communications Law. We advocate the interests of our clients before the Federal Communications Commission.

Our expertise is in Broadcast, Amateur, Private Wireless, Microwave and Common Carrier regulation; radio spectrum allocations; Administrative Hearing Litigation; and Federal Court Trial and Appellate Litigation related to Federal Communications Law matters. We represent licensees and associations of communications users; sports and video production companies; technical and electronic communications associations; electronic equipment manufacturers, and land use regulation of communications facilities.




The Firm is a successor to the Washington, D.C. firms Booth, Freret, Imlay & Tepper, P.C. (1995-2014); Booth, Freret & Imlay (1981-1995); and Booth & Freret (1965-1981).




The Firm’s clients include the American Radio Relay League, Incorporated, the national association of more than 170,000 amateur radio operators in the United States; the Society of Broadcast Engineers, Incorporated, the national association of broadcast and communications technical professionals; Kenwood USA Corporation, Communications Division; the National Football League; Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company; Robert Bosch, GmbH; Broadcast Sports, Inc.; Circuit of the Americas; numerous television and radio broadcast, common carrier, and private wireless licensees of the FCC; colleges and universities; video production companies and manufacturers of communications and electronic equipment. 

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14356 Cape May Road

Silver Spring, Maryland 20904-6011

301.384.5525 telephone 301.384.6384 facsimile

Christopher D. Imlay

The principal of the Firm is Christopher D. Imlay, who has practiced Federal Communications Law since 1979. Chris has taught CLE seminars in Portland, Oregon; Atlanta, Georgia; Kansas City, Missouri; San Francisco, California, Los Angeles, California, Boxboro, Massachusetts, and Miami, Florida on the subject of state and local regulation of Federally-licensed communications facilities, for both radio licensees and state and local government professionals. He has taught and participated in seminars at engineering and other conventions and conferences on technical regulatory topics of concern to broadcasters, broadcast engineers and wireless telecommunications licensees. He has testified as an expert witness before United States Bankruptcy Courts, State Courts, and numerous administrative authorities on the subject of Federal Telecommunications Regulation. He serves on the advisory committee of Bloomberg BNA Telecommunications Law Publications. His expertise is especially in the area of radio spectrum allocations and regulation; in land use regulation of communications facilities; and in technical regulatory issues affecting radio frequency equipment manufacturers. Chris has authored numerous articles on telecommunications engineering topics and association law matters for the Signal, the publication of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and on communications regulation for QST, the monthly journal of the American Radio Relay League, Incorporated.

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